Advice and answers ?

Getting Started

How do I create an Advertiser account?
Simply sign up here: and after the registration is complete you will be contacted within 2 business days.

How do I contact my Personal Manager?
You will be contacted by DTXplatform representative withing 2 business days after registration. If you want to speed up the process email to advertisers@Dtxplatform.com

When is my account manager online?
Your account manager is online 8AM-6PM GMT, Monday to Friday. If you need to make any changes to your campaign during the weekend, kindly inform your manager in advance. He/she will schedule the changes according to your needs. In case of urgency you may use the ticket system in “SUPPORT” tab in your DTXplatform account or write an email to your Personal Manager.

Can you approve my account?
In fact, there is no need to approve your account. To launch your first campaign with DTXplatform please contact your personal manager or use SSP.

What is the minimum deposit for pre-paid campaigns?
Min deposit is $25. If you want to run CPM campaigns on our SSP, min prepay is $25. For wire min deposit is $1000.

What should I do to start my first campaign?
You may login into your personal DTXplatform account after registration and contact your Personal Manager. You may find his/her contact details in your account. He/she will request all the necessary info depending on the type of campaign you’d like to start.

If you want to use SSP, please ask your manager to enable this option.

What are DTXplatform tracking options?
You can track your ad performance using the following tools:

Get your statistics through StoS or API
Third party tracking systems: HasOffers, Voluum, Cake, AppsFlyer

Do you support S to S integration?
Yes, we provide postback URL for the Server-to-Server integration.

Do you have API or SDK?
Currently we don’t provide SDK and don’t support SDC, image pixel, java scripts, jx, XML feed. We have API for statistics only.

Can I use your creatives? Do you have a design team?
Yes, we have our in-house design team that can create high conversion ads.

What banner sizes do you have? Which size is the most popular?
We have a broad variety of banner sizes: 160×300 160×600 300×250 320×50 468×60 728×90 800×440. The most popular one is 300×250.

I forgot my login/password, what should I do?
You may restore your password by pressing on “forgot your password” button on the LOG IN page. To get your password you need to enter the email you used for registration at DTXplatform Network. If you don’t remember an email address or your login name, kindly contact your account manager to restore or change your login and password. You may also change your password in “My account” tab in your DTXplatform account.