🍫How do I create my first campaign?

  1. : Add funds to your account. You cannot start your campaign without depositing first.

1.1 Click on: Add Funds – Add your desired amount, and press submit. 1.2 Our minimum deposit is 50$. Note: Deposits are approved periodically 3 times a day, and approval times might take up to 24 hours.

2.Create a new campaign

2.1 Click on Campaigns ---> Create a Campaign


  • In order to speed approval time, please mark the campaign, rather its adult or mainstream.

  • You can limit your campaign in total budget.

  • The min daily budget is 10$ per campaign.

  • Daily Views – The total amount of impression your campaign would get on a daily basis.

  • We strongly recommend to use views per IP: 1 to 3.

Choose your location and time targeting


  • If you intend to run your campaign on specific GEO’s please press: “Locations” and then uncheck every GEO accept the one you want to run.

  • In order to custom bid per GEO, please press on the GEO itself, and place your bid.

2.4 Choose your Operating system, browser or carrier preferences

In case you have any Operating systems, Browsers or carriers preferences click on “Show OS, User Agents, Carriers”.

Choose your Operating systems You Can Choose between:

  • Desktop operating System

  • Mobile operating system

  • Tablet operating system Choose your Browser

You can choose between any browser type and any browser version, simply press on the plus sign and choose your version.

Choose your carriers

  • First choose your connection type: WI Fi, Cellular or any.

  • If you would like to target specific carriers, first choose the GEO.

  • Then, you can better locate your target carrier.

  • We recommend on using the RON option in order to get maximum traffic as possible.

Under TQ & Analytics you can implement a conversion tracking postback. You can find how to do so: HERE

Under Feed Lists, you can create your Blacklist/Whitelist. You can find how to do so: HERE

The Final stage is to place your tracking link and creative: Pop - simply press on the New pop ads, which is the final Stage of the campaign creation, and add your tracking link.

Push -

Press on "New Push Ad" and you will receive the following screen:

Title - this is the title of the push the user shall receive. Max characters is 30. Description - This is the body of the push that the user will receive. Max characters is 30. Destination URL - This is where you add the tracking link of your campaign.

Images - The available sizes are: 200x200, 240x240, 250x250, 256x256, 300x250, 300x300

After this, press Submit and you can start your campaign !

If you forgot to place your tracking link and creative, fear not! It is possible to edit the campaign creative even after you finished creating the campaign. If you want to edit your campaign please press HERE

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