Not seeing ads?

If you’re a publisher and have just integrated our placement-code (ad-code) to your website, doesn’t matter whether it’s for pop, push, redirect or display, it might take up to 10 minutes for our ad server to begin delivering ads to requests generated by your website or app. If 10 minutes have passed and you still don’t see ads, please read below for potential reasons: Coverage - we might not have demand for your specific request. your request contains targeting that includes your location, device, connection type and many other targeting parameters. It can be that in the specific time you’re checking your website we don’t have a ‘buyer’ for that request. Still, we do cover a majority of your traffic and we advise to check reports a couple of hours after you’ve integrated the tags to see through our reports that a good percentage of your requests were filled with ads. Integration issue - if the reports still don’t hold numbers after a few hours, check whether the tag you’ve copy pasted from DTXplatform interface matches with what currently is integrated to your website, and not blocked by any feature of you website. for help with integration please ping your publisher manager.

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